Cyber visibility of space-based assets.

The world's first Space IDS

Cyber attacks are conducted against satellites every day. Over 60% of active satellites are commercial, making them prime targets for hackers.

Astral Cyber is the first company dedicated to building a space-specific cyber security solution: the world's first Space Intrusion Detection System (Space IDS).


Cyber threat heuristics in an orbital context

Our Space IDS combines cutting-edge cyber threat detection technology with the orbital and geospatial context of the satellite. This provides security professionals with unique insight and visibilty into the cyber threats faced by their space-based assets.


Solving the visibility problem

Astral Cyber's unique Space IDS provides security professionals with a unique level of visibility into their high-value, space-based assets. Our solution integrates seamlessly into existing SOC and information security systems, completing the security picture.

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Astral Cyber
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Melbourne, Australia.

Astral Cyber is a division of HeroSeraph Pty Ltd, an Australian cyber security and hazard mitigation technology company.